Connectors and Coaxial Adapters

Connectors and Coaxial Adapters

Belco started its activity in the field of passive components over forty years ago, an area in which it has continued to expand and today it produces and distributes connectors and coaxial adapters for radio frequency and for professional applications that require quality and performance. In addition to a wide range of standard connectors (from MMCX, SMA, BNC, N microconnectors, to EIA 7/8, EIA 3-1 / 8 flanges) custom solutions are also developed and produced.

These harnesses are typically used in the broadcasting, telecom, energy, solar and switch gear industries.

Adapters, are proposed in two forms, the same type (for example N male-N female) and different types (for example DIN 7/16 M-N FEMALE).



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